Note the cloudiness from the yeast sediment.

Saison- Brett

Boulevard Brewing Company

Saison Brett, 8.5%ABV

“Saison/Farmhouse Style Ale with added yeasts including Brettanomyces or “Brett” wild yeast”

On Tap – Goblet

Note the cloudiness from the yeast sediment.
From the tap in a Goblet.

Color – The ale has a light amber golden color with a thick but firm head. The beer has a very fine yeast sediment that would most likely be thicker from a bottle.

Smells – The nose is very light with notes of funky yeasts and clover honey. There are also wheaty notes and the hops have a tangerine aroma.

Mouthfeel – The beer is typical of a hoped Saison with just a little more fullness. Light and with little texture and a smooth finish.

Taste – It opens with strong farmhouse yeasts that move into more earthiness and a really funky/wheaty middle. The hops approach on the back-end past the yeasty notes. The hops have a distinct French / Belgium quality. I would guess Amarillo and another hop. [Cheating at the website reveals Amarillo and Magnum hops.]

Finish – The finish is yeasty and smooth with a light flavor of Shitaki mushrooms lingering from the yeast.

Conclusion – A good modification of a classic beer, mixing the styles well. Worth a try for anybody wanting a hoped farmhouse style ale. Recommend a bottle for the beer fridge if you like the Brett yeast flavor.


Yodo con Leche

5 Rabbits Cervecería

Yodo con Leche, 8.2~5%ABV

“Imperial Porter brewed with Milk Caramel and Costa Rican Coffee”

On Tap –  Small Tulip Glass

Color – The Beer is a very dark brown muddy hue with lots of sediment. Distinct appearance of the coffee oils on top of the beer and in the body. No head development at all.

Smells – Strong smell of flure de sal and toasted nuts. The smell of dark roast coffee is strong and notes of malt are subtle but present underneath. The malt smells of hazelnuts and walnuts.

Mouthfeel – The beer has a light but slightly rough textured mouthfeel. No noticeable alcohol flavors or feeling on the palate.

Taste – Dark roasted malt flavors of roasted chestnuts and sweetened espresso. Reminiscent of a coffee ice cream bar in beer form.

Finish – Lactose sugar sweetness at the finish. The milk overwhelms at the end, powering past the roasted malt that is present but struggling.

Conclusion – Try this beer if you like the style otherwise move on.


La Folie

New Belgium Brewing Company

Lips of Faith series – La Folie
“Sour Brown Ale” Aged in French Oak

On Draft – Tulip Glass


Color – The beer has a dark amber color with a shine and is clear but not crystal. No head and heavy appearance in the glass.

Smells – There are distinct notes of tart Rainier cherries and crushed fermented lavender.

Mouthfeel – The Beer possesses a thick mouth feel for a sour, with a high amount of carbonation.

Tastes – The beer opens with gobs of sour malt flavors of ripe cherries and apples. Rice and cider vinegar flavors and a distinct grassy malt undertone round out the beer. As the beer warms the malt moves forward and the fruit flavors enter the background.

Finish – It is much longer than most sours with a final note of lavender.

Conclusion – A must try and a bottle should be considered for the beer fridge.