Welcome to a journey of fun and folly focused on beer. At its heart this is a beer review with a weekly (sometimes more often) review of a beer that impressed me.  New posts go up each Sunday. This is also a place that I find solace in a busy world and hope that perhaps a few others will as well.

If you don’t like drinking beer I recommend skipping this site.

I still remember my first beer vividly as it came to me from the hands of the barkeep at Turf Tavern in Oxford, UK. An ale(a bitter in UK parlance)  that began my enjoyment of beer with its sweet malt flavors. While I can’t remember the name of the brewery I can clearly remember my delight at how good that first sip was. I have enjoyed every sip since then.

I have not been provided with any form of compensation or gifts from the breweries or drinking establishments listed in the reviews. And while I would hope that my passion for beer criticism and writing might one day help support my life financially, any disclosures or conflicts of interest will be made public and prominent right here on this page.

I have no formal training and don’t claim to be an expert. On a personal level I find this to be an advantage. There are plenty of wonderful and well done beer reviews by both amateurs and professionals but I believe that all passions should be shared and this is a way for me to express mine. I wish that in humanities corner of this massive universe that more of us could find the time to enjoy a drink while we have the time.

With a Passion,



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