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Yodo con Leche

5 Rabbits Cervecería

Yodo con Leche, 8.2~5%ABV

“Imperial Porter brewed with Milk Caramel and Costa Rican Coffee”

On Tap –¬† Small Tulip Glass

Color – The Beer is a very dark brown muddy hue with lots of sediment. Distinct appearance of the coffee oils on top of the beer and in the body. No head development at all.

Smells – Strong smell of flure de sal and toasted nuts. The smell of dark roast coffee is strong and notes of malt are subtle but present underneath. The malt smells of hazelnuts and walnuts.

Mouthfeel – The beer has a light but slightly rough textured mouthfeel. No noticeable alcohol flavors or feeling on the palate.

Taste – Dark roasted malt flavors of roasted chestnuts and sweetened espresso. Reminiscent of a coffee ice cream bar in beer form.

Finish – Lactose sugar sweetness at the finish. The milk overwhelms at the end, powering past the roasted malt that is present but struggling.

Conclusion – Try this beer if you like the style otherwise move on.