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La Folie

New Belgium Brewing Company

Lips of Faith series – La Folie
“Sour Brown Ale” Aged in French Oak

On Draft – Tulip Glass


Color – The beer has a dark amber color with a shine and is clear but not crystal. No head and heavy appearance in the glass.

Smells – There are distinct notes of tart Rainier cherries and crushed fermented lavender.

Mouthfeel – The Beer possesses a thick mouth feel for a sour, with a high amount of carbonation.

Tastes – The beer opens with gobs of sour malt flavors of ripe cherries and apples. Rice and cider vinegar flavors and a distinct grassy malt undertone round out the beer. As the beer warms the malt moves forward and the fruit flavors enter the background.

Finish – It is much longer than most sours with a final note of lavender.

Conclusion – A must try and a bottle should be considered for the beer fridge.