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Note the cloudiness from the yeast sediment.

Saison- Brett

Boulevard Brewing Company

Saison Brett, 8.5%ABV

“Saison/Farmhouse Style Ale with added yeasts including Brettanomyces or “Brett” wild yeast”

On Tap – Goblet

Note the cloudiness from the yeast sediment.
From the tap in a Goblet.

Color – The ale has a light amber golden color with a thick but firm head. The beer has a very fine yeast sediment that would most likely be thicker from a bottle.

Smells – The nose is very light with notes of funky yeasts and clover honey. There are also wheaty notes and the hops have a tangerine aroma.

Mouthfeel – The beer is typical of a hoped Saison with just a little more fullness. Light and with little texture and a smooth finish.

Taste – It opens with strong farmhouse yeasts that move into more earthiness and a really funky/wheaty middle. The hops approach on the back-end past the yeasty notes. The hops have a distinct French / Belgium quality. I would guess Amarillo and another hop. [Cheating at the website reveals Amarillo and Magnum hops.]

Finish – The finish is yeasty and smooth with a light flavor of Shitaki mushrooms lingering from the yeast.

Conclusion – A good modification of a classic beer, mixing the styles well. Worth a try for anybody wanting a hoped farmhouse style ale. Recommend a bottle for the beer fridge if you like the Brett yeast flavor.